Confidence Tricks 2. Festina Lente – Hasten Slowly

A positive attitude

There are quite a few exercises in this blog to help you progress with your presentation skills…

But please remember that seriousness, grim determination and striving for results are counter-productive.

The qualities that will enhance your work and speed up your progress are:

  • humour
  • curiosity
  • patience
  • a playful attitude.

The changes that you make in any one session will usually be fairly small but if you work in an easy and consistent way you will be surprised at how quickly they accumulate. A little goes a long way.

If you find that your attention and actions are parting company during the exercises, pause for a moment or two and gently let them come back together again. If your mind keeps wandering, stop the exercise and come back to it later. Two minutes of easy work is better than an hour of frowning concentration. Enjoyment is the key to continuing motivation.

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