Confidence Tricks 8. Sir Walter Scott- Powerful Words

Confidence Tips. Powerful Words – Sir Walter Scott.

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Voice, confidence & presentation coaching with Alan Mars



Sir Walter Scott (1771 – 1832) was an internationally famous writer in his day. His books are still being read and made into television serials and films. Many of his quotations have become embedded in our daily speech. So who did Scott turn to for inspiration?

‘Long life to thy fame and peace to thy soul, Rob Burns! When I want to express a sentiment which I feel strongly, I find the phrase in Shakespeare — or thee.”  The Burns Encyclopedia

Well there you have the answer – to Robert Burns or to Shakespeare.

When you are preparing a presentation or speech and you are struggling to express yourself with the appropriate power and grace… STOP! No need to re-invent the wheel. It’s really easy to get hold of powerful quotations by going into Google and simply entering the keyword “quotations” into the search box.

Often the best quotations will be heard from the mouths of humble people like ourselves in the midst of ordinary daily life.

Don’t hide behind quotations but, rather, use to bring out the piquancy, passion and precision of your own words. 


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