Zoom Presentations Skills 1 – checklist

Remember Aristotle’s three keys of persuasion? Logos, Ethos and Pathos – logic, evidence and emotion? Taken together they make for a memorable presentation. Sadly too many presenters on Zoom overuse logic and evidence and neglect the stickiest ingredient of all – pathos or emotion.

This article focuses on some easy technical tweaks to make your presentations on Zoom stickier and more persuasive. Follow the external links for more confidence boosting tips.

All too often Zoom is like a badly tuned, old school, analogue radio. With a wonky arial and crackly old speaker thrown into the bargain. A high noise to signal ratio which creates a sense of annoyance. Leading to a state of emotional indifference. So cameras remain switched off… and the presenter talks to the brick wall.

It doesn’t have to be like this. A myriad of highly interactive social activities went online during the Pandemic. Quizzes, virtual pubs, open mics generated a tremendous social energy and colour. A few weeks into our international open mic, a smidgen of trial and error and we had crystal clear sound and vision, laughter, tears and a songwriting renaissance. The tipples and nibbles helped! So, how can we ‘copy and paste’ these qualities into our Zoom presentations?”

Step off the treadmill now!

Make your Zoom presentation as compelling as live theatre. A little effort now will be repaid manyfold.

“O, wad some Power the giftie gie us. 

To see oursels as others see us! 

It wad frae monie a blunder free us, 

An’ foolish notion.”

  • Use the recording function on Zoom to review your presentation. Appraise your body language, your voice and your words. Be kind to yourself but also identify areas for improvement. Use the feedback sheet at this link
  • Adjust your workstation setup so that you can stand up! Get yourself physically balanced and centred! Give us some body language! Acting tip confident body language tips at this link.

Down with Sensory Deprivation!

Allow the audience to see and hear you clearly. Top end computers can come with surprisingly bad webcams and microphones. So…

  • Get a decent webcam and microphone for heaven’s sake!
  • Acting tip… Warm up your voice! Find out more at this link.
  • Consider, if you are the main speaker, turning on Zoom’s ‘original sound’ function.
  • Virtual backgrounds without a greenscreen look rubbish! Buy some cheap green fabric for a greenscreen. 

Don’t merge into the background!

People with darker complexions generally need a lighter background. Lighter complexions generally need a darker background. Choose the colours of your shirt or blouse so that your face is in the foreground.

Bribery – without the corruption?

You’ve made the audience happier by implementing the tech details above. Now you can delight them with a nice big BRIBE!

Begin your presentation powerfully and positively

Involve and Interact with your audience

Repeat your ‘take home’ messages

Be Creative!

End powerfully!

Aristotle, by the way, was Alexander the Great’s personal tutor. Implement the campaigning tips above and celebrate your own, increasing, personal greatness.

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