Business Presentation Training

simon nash testimonial‘Presentation Training is never an easy solution to source. Unlike many other fields of learning and development it requires an exquisite blend of knowledge, skills and personal style on the part of the trainer and also a good match of the trainer’s mode of working to the confidence, competence and courage of the performer. I feel privileged to have experienced first-hand the way that Alan brings such excellent results in a few days to his clients and course participants. The most amazing thing about it is the refreshingly gentle and humble way in which he encourages (gives courage to) people to discover a vocal performance and level of persuasion and passion that they did not previously beliEve themselves capable of. And all of this is achiEved with a joy and poise which seems effortless, but which must of course be the outcome of many years of honing his craft. Alan’s courses really must be tried, as words are insufficient to capture the special moments he creates.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Simon Nash – HR Director at Carey Olsen, hired Alan Mars as a Presentation Skills Trainer in 2000, and hired Alan Mars more than once