Confident Presentation Skills coach Brighton

prue heron testimonial“I contacted Alan because I was in a new role where I conducted ceremonies – often in large rooms or outside areas – without a microphone. As well as concern about projecting my voice, I was lacking in confidence about my public speaking and presentation skills.
Alan approached the resolution from a completely different angle and it was so much more effective than the standard ‘Presentation Skills’ courses which I have tried in the past. It was a relief to not have the constant focus (and therefore pressure) on the result. Instead, Alan used a combination of approaches (I won’t give too much away) which included the Alexander Technique and vocal experimentation. He helped me to find and release an ability that I didn’t know existed rather than having to adopt a voice that felt as though it belonged to someone else!
Alan’s approach is unusual and it works. He is also very patient, calming and funny. If you want tension-free learning and to build confidence in your presentation skills – this is your man!”

Prue Heron, Celebrant