Individual Presentation Skills Coaching In Hove

rachel cummings testimonial‘After having had a couple of corporate presentation skills training sessions with some traditional trainers, I wanted to explore other ways of gaining better use of my voice and more confidence when presenting on stage. Alan’s approach was refreshing and practical. Working through the Alexander Technique, Alan delivered an array of practical tips and techniques to bring colour to my voice, and pace and life to presentations. He used his wealth of experience from working in both corporate and drama settings to develop a programme tailored to what I wanted to achieve. Some of the elements of the training that worked best for me were ways to engage an audience by varying pace, style and intonation, and posture work to build confidence and to ensure a solid base from which to present.

I’d highly recommend Alan whether it’s for improving confidence when presenting to audiences large and small, or developing a more compelling presenting voice and style. Not only did he help me achieve my objectives, but he also did it in a relaxing and enjoyable way.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Rachel Cummings – Market Access Manager at Pharmaceuticals Industry, hired Alan Mars as a Presentation Skills coach in 2012