Alan Mars has been Teaching Alexander Technique since 1982 and offers –

    • Alexander Technique for postural, muscular, movement and stress related issues – no voice coaching involved!
    • Alexander Technique with vocal coaching for those who want develop their speaking and/or singing voice.

The testimonials below reflect the different strands of his approach. They range from the early 1990’s up until 2011. They are held on record ( letter, email and LinkedIn ) and are available for inspection if required.

‘I have used Alan in a corporate environment several times over the years, from one to one presentation mary banks testimonialcoaching for directors to running Alexander technique to boost confidence for developing staff. He was very credible at all levels and used creative approaches that gave a fresh perspective. I also attended one of his workshops which actually made me think that perhaps I could sing after all! Would not hesitate to recommend him.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

Mary Banks – Learning & Development Consultant, MB Development Ltd , hired Alan Mars as a Business Consultant in 1999, and hired Alan Mars more than once

simon nash testimonial‘Presentation Training is never an easy solution to source. Unlike many other fields of learning and development it requires an exquisite blend of knowledge, skills and personal style on the part of the trainer and also a good match of the trainer’s mode of working to the confidence, competence and courage of the performer. I feel privileged to have experienced first-hand the way that Alan brings such excellent results in a few days to his clients and course participants. The most amazing thing about it is the refreshingly gentle and humble way in which he encourages (gives courage to) people to discover a vocal performance and level of persuasion and passion that they did not previously beliEve themselves capable of. And all of this is achiEved with a joy and poise which seems effortless, but which must of course be the outcome of many years of honing his craft. Alan’s courses really must be tried, as words are insufficient to capture the special moments he creates.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Simon Nash – HR Director at Carey Olsen, hired Alan Mars as a Presentation Skills Trainer in 2000, and hired Alan Mars more than once

rachel cummings testimonial‘After having had a couple of corporate presentation skills training sessions with some traditional trainers, I wanted to explore other ways of gaining better use of my voice and more confidence when presenting on stage. Alan’s approach was refreshing and practical. Working through the Alexander Technique, Alan delivered an array of practical tips and techniques to bring colour to my voice, and pace and life to presentations. He used his wealth of experience from working in both corporate and drama settings to develop a programme tailored to what I wanted to achieve. Some of the elements of the training that worked best for me were ways to engage an audience by varying pace, style and intonation, and posture work to build confidence and to ensure a solid base from which to present.

I’d highly recommend Alan whether it’s for improving confidence when presenting to audiences large and small, or developing a more compelling presenting voice and style. Not only did he help me achieve my objectives, but he also did it in a relaxing and enjoyable way.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Rachel Cummings – Market Access Manager at Pharmaceuticals Industry, hired Alan Mars as a Presentation Skills coach in 2012

“I enlisted the help of Alan in 2007 when a new role required a largerichard leadbetter testimonial degree of public speaking, something I had not been accustomed to. He used a number of techniques with me which all produced the required results and I am pleased to say went beyond just being able to speak in public in a clear, concise and professional manner. Alan has a varied approach calling on a vast array of methods from the conventional to the not so conventional, not dissimilar to the voice coach in the Kings Speech, but they are his tried and trusted methods and I am pleased to say, they worked for me.”

Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2007 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Richard Leadbetter, Finance

stephanie smith testimonial“Alan Mars has presented several workshops for the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique Continuing Professional Development Programme. Alan has detailed knowledge of his subject and his workshops are relaxed and friendly. All participants receive confidence and encouragement from him and there is a good balance of relaxed learning with in-depth knowledge of an interesting subject. I would have no hesitation in hiring Alan again.”

Service Category: Alexander Technique Teacher and Vocal Coach
Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Stephanie Smith, Alexander Technique teacher & coordinator of STAT’s CPD programme

“I went to see Alan for voice coaching to help me with my work as a teacher of meditation and related subjects. Over the years, the area I had been told I could most improve on was my voice and especially to make it more engaging and dynamic.

I was very pleased with the series of 6 weekly individual sessions I had with Alan. Each week I had some simple, manageable exercises to continue to work with at home and, as each week passed, I got a stronger impression of how Alan’s work was improving my voice. I feel I have the tools to continue to maintain the progress I have made.

The sessions were also enjoyable and the way the Alexander Technique was included added to the feeling of well-being they gave me. It was also very good value for one-to-one tuition!”

Top Qualities: Skilled; Tailored to my needs; Excellent value

Andrew Warr, Seminar Leader


brian de lord testimonial

“Dear Alan, Thank you very much for the fantastic morning you facilitated for us last Tuesday. It has been appearing in conversations between staff ever since and seems to have lifted the entire team in readiness for the new year. Some staff described you as the best outside trainer we have had!”

Brian De Lord, Chief Executive of The Pupil Parent Partnership (2008)

richard brennan testimonial“I can highly recommend Alan Mars for his superb work as an Alexander Technique teacher, and in particular to voice work and presentation skill. I have seen him transform, in a gentle way, the way people relate to their voice. He gets people up on their feet and projecting their voice with a power and clarity that is amazing. His approach is everybody can use their voice effectively ( singing or speaking ) it is only our thoughts that get in the way; he has a great knack of changing or removing those thoughts.”

Richard Brennan, Director of ATTCI and author of 6 books on the Alexander Technique.

fiona brownsell testimonial“Alan is a highly skilled teacher of the Alexander Technique tailored to meet your specific issue. In common with many of my gender I can get a bit ‘frozen’ if aggression arises in the office. It’s annoying that girls don’t get the same early training as boys, in fact we get the opposite and instinctively try to pacify. Great for social scenarios but not for situations when the bullies are rampaging the office. So Alan taught me some of the tricks from his Alexander Technique bag and literally within 24 hours I was holding my own and remaining calm enough for my brain to work. I also did some co-presenting with Alan as part of some team building sessions and again he wowed them with his physical solutions to perceived ’emotional’ problems. Give it a go! I promise you can be more in control and remain calm in those testosterone filled occasions. Alan can help you level the playing field.”

Service Category: Career Coach
Year first hired: 2003 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Fiona Brownsell, Finance and Banking

godfrey owen testimonial“Alan worked with me on a one to one basis and was inspirational and great fun. I have also worked with him within a group. I would recommend his services to anyone who feels they want to increase their personal skills and confidence in making an impact publicly, in meetings or any other interpersonal situation.”

Service Category: Career Coach
Year first hired: 2006, and hired Alan Mars more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Godfrey Owen, Chief Executive, Brathay Trust

“I started Alexander Lessons with Alan initially intending to try it for 6 sessions to work on posture, voice (speaking and singing) and presentation skills. As someone with a tendency to laziness and ill-discipline I am always on the look out for easier ways of doing things and Alan is a polymath in the intelligent and efficient use of the body and voice. I have been having lessons on a regular basis for the past 3 years in part because of Alan’s engaging and expert teaching style but also because I find the lessons seem to incorporate elements of yoga, Pilates, physio, relaxation and mindfulness meditation – without the effort of going to a class.

The other great thing for me is that I don’t have to set aside time for formal practice as – much like mindfulness meditation – I practice the Alexander Technique in everyday life – walking the dog, running, getting in to the car. As a health professional I have to know the principles of how something works – and Alan has a great, humorous and uncomplicated teaching style – but I also need evidence that something works and the main reason I keep having lessons is the benefits I have noticed – better posture, an end to chronic low grade back pain, a stronger easier freer voice and as a runner I have been able to improve my running economy and stay free from the usual chronic injuries, aches and pains I used to put up with before having lessons.”

Dr. Rick Clarke

“Alan Mars introduced me to Alexander Technique over 25 years ago. I have returned to take classes with him at intervals, and have always found them invaluable. What appeals to me about Alan’s approach to Alexander Technique is its freedom from mystification and jargon and the subtlety of Alan and of Alexander’s methods. I have no hesitation in recommending Alan and Alexander Technique to potential clients.”

Dr. Christopher Abel

”I came to Brighton in November 2011, hardly able to walk even using walking poles, following surgery for discs and correction of a scoliosis. As a GP I was aware of the Alexander Technique but had no experience of it, but it was a friend who is an Alexander teacher that felt this could help me.

I found Alan Mars from the internet and have had three sessions a week with him. Four months later I can now manage to walk about 4 miles, using the poles, which for me represents an enormous improvement. This has enabled me to get back much of my former life. Alan constantly assesses my problems and comes up with suggestions to help me.

He has 30 years experience of teaching the Alexander technique and it is this that I am sure enables him to be such an effective therapist.”

Dr Sarah Siegler – GP

“Alan’s work as Alexander teacher is outstanding. My most impressive experience was an amazingly fast (within the hour) and lasting reversal of symptoms of a 3 days old whiplash injury, a condition that can often take weeks if not months to heal with or without physiotherapy. His interest in neurophysiology and neurobiology underpins his work on repetitive strain injuries. I do experience him as innately and sometimes uncannily perceptive of my physical states. Alan also draws on a broad range of expertise and skills including voice training, presentation skills, aikido and NLP techniques amongst others.I would recommend him unreservedly as an Alexander teacher.”

Dr C.Gutjahr – (GMC 3434127)

Cheryl Winter“Alan is a passionate and inspirational presentation skills coach. My delegates walked into the room and then skipped and bounced out of the room full of confidence and practical tips. Alan has a very unique voice and manner which draws delegates towards him and encourages them to take risks. Alan uses Alexander Technique to improve breathing, posture, walking, spatial anchoring and overall confidence in presentations – my delegates adored him – and his harp! Would recommend him with a capital R!”

Service Category: Presentation Skills Coach
Year first hired: 2000 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Cheryl Ann Winter, Personal & Team coach
Presentation Skills Coach Brighton

robin nicholson testimonial.

“Alan introduced me to the teachings of Alexander and not only sorted out my architects’ back but helped me walk tall. I strongly recommend his teaching.”

Robin Nicholson, Architect


prue heron testimonial“I contacted Alan because I was in a new role where I conducted ceremonies – often in large rooms or outside areas – without a microphone. As well as concern about projecting my voice, I was lacking in confidence about my public speaking and presentation skills.
Alan approached the resolution from a completely different angle and it was so much more effective than the standard ‘Presentation Skills’ courses which I have tried in the past. It was a relief to not have the constant focus (and therefore pressure) on the result. Instead, Alan used a combination of approaches (I won’t give too much away) which included the Alexander Technique and vocal experimentation. He helped me to find and release an ability that I didn’t know existed rather than having to adopt a voice that felt as though it belonged to someone else!
Alan’s approach is unusual and it works. He is also very patient, calming and funny. If you want tension-free learning and to build confidence in your presentation skills – this is your man!”

Prue Heron, Celebrant

john bourke testimonial”I first met Alan in 2003, when I was attending NLP Master Practitioner at Stenhouse in Cardiff. I trained with Alan the following year at Trainers Training. Alan was an inspiration to me and taught me state control through breathing exercises and vocal exercises. I was representing my golf club that year in the All Ireland Golfing Championships and went on to win the Gold Medal. Golf is a mental game, and state control is the Key to playing successful golf under pressure. The techniques Alan taught me not only helped me cope with the pressure in 2003 but since then on four further occasions.” Top qualities: – Great Results, Personable, Expert

John Bourke– Lawyer, Arbitrator, Mediator, hired Alan Mars as a Alexander Teacher and Vocal Coach in 2003, and hired Alan Mars more than once

john white testimonial“Alan Mars is like a breath of fresh air, easy to listen to, like Ron seal Alan walks his talk. Authenticity is written right through him – just like Brighton Rock! Stop thinking about booking him JDI ( Just Do it) you will not be disappointed!!!”

Service Category: Voice Coach
Year first hired: 2009
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

John White, Coach

samiran sarkar testimonial‘Alan is an expert on Alexander Technique. This concept was new to me and I knew little about it. Under Alan’s guidance, I got positive results within weeks. Highly recommended.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Samiran Sarkar  – Strategy and Transformation Consultant at IBM Global Business Services, hired Alan Mars as a Personal Trainer in 2008

steve pilley testimonial”Alan’s product does what it says on the tin – and much more. A well-conceived perfectly timed set of exercises and instructions that he carefully and patiently tailors to suit the audience he finds himself working with. His knowledge of the techniques is clearly profound and justifies the confidence with which he puts them across, and the confidence he builds in his students. I was asked to choose 3 attributes ”that best describe this service provider” from a list of 7. It was an impossible choice: the three I chose at random are given below, but ”expert” ”on time” ”high integrity” and ”creative” are all more or less equally applicable.

Top qualities: – Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Steve Pilley – Actor / Manager, Southend Shakespeare Company (on left of picture), hired Alan Mars as a Alexander Technique teacher and vocal coach in 2010, and hired Alan Mars more than once

leigh ashton testimonial‘Alan makes learning fun and very easy. He has a wonderfully calming style and the ability to bring out the best in people. Highly recommend him!!!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Leigh Ashton – Sales Consultant, NLP Trainer and Author, hired Alan Mars as a Trainer in 2000, and hired Alan Mars more than once

“I just wanted to say I loved your style, humour, warmth and openness. I have just started my executive coaching company and hope to have as much passion as you exude. I thought your workshop was light, fun and enjoyable and just what we needed after hours of intensity!”

Monica, delegate at NLP Conference voice workshop (2008)

“Thanks once again for the session you spent with me in March. It boosted my confidence ten fold.”

David, (Best Man speech coaching session 2010)

matthew myatt testimonial“I was to be my brothers best man and had written my speech, practiced it but continued to have problems with delivering the punch lines, it being long winded and me petrified with having to stand in front of 160 people. I met with Alan who’s first exercise involved techniques for centring the body, breathing and projection. The immediate benefit was that I had more control. The next area was to cut the fat in the speech and form it into bite size chunks with fewer syllables, this improved the flow and aided my breathing.

I had 3 sessions with Alan and each time noticed a huge improvement in my presentation and confidence. I even began to enjoy the thought of presenting to a crowd. Having the right techniques, help with the script, my speech was a success thanks in no small part to the expertise and calming influence of my teacher.

How did I measure the success of my speech? The number of guests that came up to me afterwards praising me on a great speech, they had heard every word and saw that I was even smiling. Some guests even advised that I should join the Guild of Toastmasters or take up public speaking professionally.

I would advise that anyone who is in the position of presenting a public or best man’s speech should afford themselves the enormous help that Alan can provide. Alan, many thanks Matthew Myatt”

Matthew Myatt – Director at Harland Consulting Ltd

patrick baron testimonial”I have had the pleasure of appreciating Alan’s contribution to me and others on many circumstances for 20 years. He often was the mostly highly rated contributor at the NLP conference, with his vocal and body work. I also know him as an engaging, personable Teacher of Aikido, combining Alexander Technique in the process of teaching movements. As a result of his classes and Alexander Technique my chronic backache disappeared and many people commented positively on the changes in my posture. Since then I understand he just gathered more experience…. He’s got to know what he teaches….. Highly recommended.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Patrick Baron – Psychotherapist/Counsellor at patrick-baron.com, hired Alan Mars as a Personal Trainer in 1992, and hired Alan Mars more than once

paul stammer testimonial”As a child I was told I couldn’t sing and have carried this shame with me for decades. With Alan’s help I have smashed this limitation and am finding my own voice.

That’s the singing part, and the Alexander part has been a fantastic surprise too. I feel in my body far more, and haven’t seen my osteopath since I started with Alan.”

Top qualities:Great Results, Personable, Creative

Paul Stammer – Finance Director at Alexander Rose Ltd, hired Alan Mars as a Personal Trainer in 2012, and hired Alan Mars more than once

michael mallows testimonial”I worked with Alan Mars a number of times the years. His experience and expertise, his ability to get a group of strangers to work together and, far more alarming a prospect (for me), to SING together was a delightful experience.
What I am most grateful for, however, is what Alan taught me about looking after myself using the Alexander Technique! His wisdom, humour, sense of fun and sheer professionalism continues to benefit me every day.
Go see Alan and you are more likely to go well!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Michael Mallows – Director, Social Effectiveness Training, hired Alan Mars as a Alexander Technique and voice coach in 1999, and hired Alan Mars more than once

richard stacey testimonial‘I first came across Alan when I was a non-singer, and he was running a workshop ‘for people who believe they can’t sing’. In the space of a single weekend, he changed my belief about myself, and using tools from Aikido, Alexander Technique and drama school, showed me how to embody my learnings. I took singing lessons, and have sung widely since then. I have been back to Alan on a number of occasions for coaching in presentation skills. Alan is exceptionally skilled in teaching non-verbal skills that are transformative. Highly recommended.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Richard Stacey – hired Alan Mars as a Vocal coach in 1999, and hired Alan Mars more than once

”Alan has given me the confidence to sing out loud for the first time in my life at the age of 69. His lessons are fun with lots of laughter, and singing accompanied by his beautiful harp playing is a joy. Recently my chronic health problems worsened and our lessons evolved into helping me with my posture and joint and muscle problems. After a session I feel as if I am freed, walking on air. As well as being an extremely skilled and professional practitioner, Alan is very interesting to talk to, and a great listener.”

Helen Oram – Counsellor (retired)

niall kelly testimonial”Alan Mars is an expert voice and performance teacher who quickly engages participants AND gets results. His easy, structured style ensures everyone is involved and having fun, working on their presentations and voice. If you can, attend, if not make time to. Niall Kelly.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Niall Kelly – MD at Lane Kelly Associates and Alexander Technique teacher hired Alan Mars as an Alexander Technique Teacher in 2004

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