Voice coaching

Voice Care and the Alexander Technique

Has your voice, and confidence, ever faltered during a presentation, a meeting, an interview, while teaching a class or during an audition?

Would you like to develop a voice that is richer, steadier, more colourful, powerful and authoritive? Would you like to be able to control nerves and behave more confidently?
Developing a reliably and confident voice and body language is based on the repeated practice of some surprisingly simple procedures!

Discover how posture profoundly influences breathing & voice production…

  • Reduce nerves and build confidence
  • Control the pace of your speech
  • Articulate more clearly
  • Vary pitch, volume and rhythm.
  • Warm-up your voice at home

“Alan delivered an array of practical tips and techniques to bring colour to my voice, and pace and life to presentations. He used his wealth of experience from working in both corporate and drama settings to develop a programme tailored to what I wanted to achieve.”

Rachel Cummings – Pharmaceuticals Industry

Voice coaching for classroom teachers:

Teachers represent 11% of the patients attending voice clinics throughout the country. A teacher can use their voice for up to nine classroom hours per day – often in noisy and demanding conditions – read more here …

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