semi-supine alexander technique active rest position part two 2 – brighton hove

semi-supine alexander technique active rest position part two 2

Semi-supine Alexander Technique talk-through. Filmed in low-light so the visuals are poor. Verbal instructions are very clear. Transcript at the foot of the Youtube video & also a written transcript in this post.

An Alexander Technique lesson for £5?

I have released a high quality audio recording that talks you through the semi-supine position. It lasts about 13 minutes – so it can be fitted into a busy day quite nicely.

Payment will be via PayPal. Delivery via email. For further details please visit this link:

or email me at or call me on 07930 323 057

Try doing it – hook some speakers up to your computer and play the Yoube as you rest in the semi-supine position. It should give you a good idea of how to get the most out of the Alexander Technique semi-supine resting position.

“So I’ll just quickly go through those landmarks one more time. First stage, sensing the support underneath you. Feeling the support under your feet, under your arms, the headrest underneath your head and the support under the length and width of your back.

Gently allowing your attention to spread to encompass your whole body from top to bottom and from side to side with one big, broad, easy sweep of your attention. Feeling the support underneath you and spreading your attention to encompass your whole body.

And then finally thinking of your whole back spreading and lengthening and widening onto that firm secure support underneath you. Your head releasing away from your tail bone as your tail releases away from your head. Your whole back widening onto the floor. And as you continue widening across your shoulders – observing the length from your shoulders to your elbows; observing the length from your elbows to your wrists and, finally, from your wrists to your fingertips.

And, in between, coming back to your back – lengthening and widening and spreading.

And finally- just thinking of your knees releasing up to the ceiling as your feet spread onto the floor- in much the same way as your whole back, from head to tail, from shoulder to shoulder is already spreading and lengthening and widening onto that firm, secure, supporting surface underneath you.

And when you are ready, my dears, if you could, slowly, just bring yourself back to your feet. Slowly, easily, with awareness. Just going the opposite way to get up as you as you did to get onto the floor.

And when you get to your feet just stand there for a moment- and just be on the ground, just be in your length. And thank you all very much for your attendance. Applause.

Semi-supine Alexander Technique active rest position part 2 brighton, hove, bn1, bn3


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